Our story

The founder

Kentemust is a brand that is inspired by Ghana and highlights its colors and its fabric, kente.

Its creator Cédric Evans, of Ghanaian origin, revisits this traditional fabric originally worn by the Ashanti kings.

The centuries-old craftsmanship of weavers meets the accessory of the bow tie in the first collection ‘The Golden Era’ .

Originality, authenticity and chic make each bow tie a unique piece.

Why the Bowtie ?

At KenteMust, we chose to create the bow tie because it’s trendy and elegant and stands out from the tie which is much more widespread. Whether it accompanies your special occasions (weddings, christenings, traditional celebrations, etc.) or brings a touch of originality to your “casual” style, the bow tie is “the” detail that hits the bull’s eye.

What is Kente and what does it represent ?

Kente is a traditional material which comes from West Africa (Ghana, Côte d’Ivoire, Togo…)
In Ghana, this desired fabric is worn by the Kings of the Ashanti Kingdom. In the beginning, this fabric is made from silk or coton. Today, it is made exclusively of cotton. The weavers who make it are very experienced. Kente’s main manufacturers come from the Ashanti region in the centre of the country. It takes a month to make a 6-metre fabric.

The Asentehene, (pronounced ah-san-ti-hi-nii) the King of Kings (kings being rulers of regions) or the king of the Ashanti people wears the kente and adorns himself with gold jewels. That’s why our motto is ‘Le Pap’ du Roi’. ‘The King’s pap, from ‘nœud’ papillon in french which means bow tie.
The KenteMust bow tie is handmade and respects Kente’s original weaving. It responds to the need for elegance and the search for originality through its colorful and unique fabric created by outstanding craftsmen.