Goldy delicacy


Our Goldy Delicacy bow tie is made from purple and gold jacquard type Kente and gold colored silk.

As a reminder, the colors of the fabrics represent strong symbols.

Here, purple is like the brown associated with the earth and also reminds us of life and salvation.

Gold represents gold which recalls fertility, wealth and prosperity.

Goldy Delicacy will be your ally for powerful style at all your joyful events!

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Size :

  • 9.5cm  in length and 5.5cm in width

Materials :

  • Kente (Made in Ghana) 90%
  • Silk (Made in Italy) 10%

Maintenance instructions:

  • No machine wash
  • Wash dry and do not iron to preserve your bow tie
  • Once cleaned, store your bowtie in its beautiful KenteMust box.